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Transformative Arts

Art Gravity transformative sessions open paths to discovering and building creativity for individuals, varied groups and teams.

Creativity is for everyone.

Therapeutic artistic experiences are suited for people and groups seeking inner transformation, spiritual growth, personal or transpersonal evolution of consciousness, collaborative community building, non verbal communication or just a fun, engaging creative break from daily routine.

There is no experience or talent prerequisite needed in order to benefit from art!

Some students may feel shy or awkward at first. 

A common concern we hear is "I'm not artistic." This is completely natural, and in fact part of the therapeutic value in the experience we offer is learning to communicate emotions and feelings through art and non-verbal expression.

Art Gravity

The Art Gravity experience.

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We are experienced professionals knowledgable in human development and artistic traditions. We gently guide our clients toward their unique journeys of self discovery and expression. Through numerous art mediums and techniques we help adults retain the power to dream and to play affecting the overall experience of living.

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Art Gravity